About Fred Jacobs

Fred Jacobs founded Jacobs Media in 1983, and quickly became known for the creation of the Classic Rock radio format.

Jacobs Media has consistently walked the walk in the digital space, providing insights and guidance through its well-read national Techsurveys.

In 2008, jacapps was launched - a mobile apps company that has designed and built more than 1,300 apps for both the Apple and Android platforms. In 2013, the DASH Conference was created - a mashup of radio and automotive, designed to foster better understanding of the "connected car" and its impact.

Along with providing the creative and intellectual direction for the company, Fred consults many of Jacobs Media's commercial and public radio clients, in addition to media brands looking to thrive in the rapidly changing tech environment.

Fred was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2018.


  1. Dave Mason says

    The Rolling Stones have no need to do anything but rest on their laurels-and yet they don’t. Broadcasting can learn from this. Of course, The Stones aren’t a publicly traded entity and owe nothing to shareholders (do they?. While their recorded efforts recently have been a bit disappointing, their concerts still electrify the audiences. Many will buy this album in all of its varying forms just to say “they have it”, but we don’t know what it will produce. Stations have had problems trying to fit new material from Paul McCartney or Ringo Starr into their playlists, and the same may be true for this new Rolling Stones project. I hope I’m wrong. The Stones have been a blues/rock staple for half a century (except for “Country Honk”)-and in most cases they’ve stayed true to their roots. Would a station market itself as “the place for The New Stones Album”? Anyone? Anyone?

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