• A 40-year-old man cannot relate to a college student. It’s impossible. There’s a big disconnect. Radio shows need to have Gen Z interns on the air.
  • I don’t tend to like radio because of the commercials. The only way to bring people my age to radio is to get rid of stop sets for 12 minutes per hour. Bring brands into the programming instead of commercials.
  • There are very few voices speaking to Gen Z on radio. It’s a lot of middle-aged men slinging one-liners. Gen Z is aware that radio exists, but that connection doesn’t deepen, because we’re not being spoken to…
  • If you don’t have young people on your staff, you are doing it wrong. I’ve got to have people to connect with my life to relate to radio.

Powerful stuff.  So, I started compiling a list of bad career advice I’ve heard industry veterans give young, aspiring radio stars.  In fact, I had no trouble coming up with eight of them: