“For years, the whole joke has been, ‘you turn 50, you get that colonoscopy.' I'm trying to advise men and women of our age to get it sooner rather than later. I've had three very close friends already who told me that they got a colonoscopy because I did, and they found polyps early and had them removed. And I'm so grateful for that.”

Count me in.  Jamie's admission on the air was all the incentive I needed to make the appointment for my belated colonoscopy.  So, yesterday was “prep day” (believe me, I'd rather be preparing for a morning show), and today's the “big dance.”

You've seen the ongoing meme on social media these past few months.  It's been all about the continued onslaught of bad news throughout 2020.  Just when you think it couldn't possibly get worse, it does.

Chadwick Boseman passing over the weekend of colon cancer was another grim reminder of what Jamie Samuelsen hoped  to get across.  Boseman was just 43, a brilliant actor full of talent and promise.  In their shortened careers, both Boseman and Samuelsen were stars in their communities, influential to many, leaving behind family and friends heartbroken by their passing.

And they should both grab your attention.  As you know, I'm not a celebrity by any means.  I'm a radio consultant with a blog that a lot of you read.

So, I hope you read today's post, take Jamie's words to heart, and even in this year of COVID where health is the lead story on virtually every newscast, think about your own well-being, as well as your friends, family members, and co-workers – the people who count on you.

The American Cancer Society has moved the recommended age for a colonoscopy down to 45.  That's because the incidence rate of colon cancer has gone up among younger people.  And even when you hit “the fourth floor” as both Samuelsen and Boseman had, it's not a bad time to have that conversation with your doctor, especially if you have a family history like mine.

Condolences to both Boseman's and Samulsen's friends and loved ones.

Thanks for indulging me with today's post, I'll be back tomorrow with a (hopefully) more pleasant topic.

Meanwhile, time to go.  🙂